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Did you ever stop to think why is it that we, the hoteliers, are on the bottom of the “food chain” in our industry when in reality we should be on the top? How come we have absolutely no power, no leverage, in our own industry?

Think about it. When it comes to the guests, they have all the power with the ability to rate us and have advance information about us before they reserve (reviews). They can reserve and cancel at any time, usually with no penalty, and many times they end up not showing up for reservations leaving us with empty rooms. Can you imagine if this was the opposite and a guest would arrive and their room will not be ready for them?

On the other side, Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s), like Booking and Expedia also have all the power as they control all our reservations, charge us ridiculously high commissions and the only ones they care about at the end are the guests. Yes, they call us “partners” in their emails, but do you really feel like their partner? No need to answer 🙂  )

The only way we can balance the power in the industry is if we join forces. Unite.

On our own, each one by himself, we do not have any power. Only together we will be able to make the changes we want to see and push aside the obstacles we will have on the road.

So we, and we say “we” and “us” because we are hoteliers too for over 20 years, founded WhosYourGuest that at the moment has 2 main missions as the first steps to achieving the vision above. To unite accommodation providers worldwide and bring a solution to the imbalance of power with guests. 

The dynamics between the accommodation provider and the guests as it is today in the industry has 2 main problems:

  1. The accommodation providers have absolutely no idea about the type of guest they are receiving. As a result, they treat all guests as if they are the same. But they are not! Some are more demanding, some are easy-going, some do not respect the rules and others are just a pleasure to serve. 
  2. Being treated as the same doesn’t give guests an incentive to behave well. On the contrary, the lack of record keeping makes the guest feel they can behave any way they want with no consequences. They can treat the staff badly, smoke in the room, make noise, steal and vandalize and the moment they check out it’s all gone. Erased. 

To change these dynamics is no easy task. We need to rate guests for their behavior and add a legal clause to our check-in forms that will allow us to rate them.
To help, we made available on the platform, after you log in, a sample of the clause to add to the check-in forms, reservation confirmation emails, internet site and OTA’s profiles.
To rate the guests, we developed a property management software (PMS) that besides allowing you to manage your reservations, check-ins, rooms status, guest accounts and much more, it checks automatically the guests rating and displays it in their account and also allows you to rate them, with only 2 clicks of the mouse, when they check out. This software is available, FREE OF CHARGE, to all members (A Pro version available for a very low monthly fee). If you are currently using a different PMS or Channel Manager, check out the integrations part on the platform to see if they are already integrated with us. 

The COVID-19 crisis took, and is still taking, a very heavy toll on our industry. However, it also gave us a unique and rare opportunity to make the changes we want to see as everyone is aware that things will not be back to the way they were before. NOW is the time to take the steps needed to start rating your guests.

Bottom line. Knowing they are being rated will incentivize guests for better behavior. Good guests cost us less and therefore increase our profits, stress less our staff and make us feel we are fulfilling our mission by serving them. They make us feel good and the atmosphere more positive. We believe that they should also be rewarded, with discounts/early check ins or late checkout etc, to incentivize them furthermore but this is up to each one of us to decide.

Every single member that joins makes the whole community stronger and the rating system better. If you haven’t joined yet, and even if you are skeptical, do it now. It’s totally free, takes no more than 3 minutes and you will have access to great tools for free. You will also have a front row seat on how we are advancing. Join us

If you are a member, spread the word to your fellow hoteliers. Because together we are stronger. 

                                                                                                                                        Inbal                                                                                                                                                                                               Founder & CEO – WhosYourGuest
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