About us

About us

We are accommodation providers who have had enough!

We've had enough of guests behaving poorly and moving on to a new hotel or hostel and doing the same - without any consequences
We've had enough of threatening to write a bad review if… (you fill in the blank!)
We’ve had enough of guests who think that the towel they receive is a souvenir from their trip… or the decorative vase on the table would look great in their living room. 
We’ve had enough of OTA’s - like Booking. com, Expedia, Hostelworld, etc. - charging us any commission they’d like and there is nothing we can do about it.
We’ve had enough of OTA’s forcing us to offer the lowest price on their site. It is our right to offer a promotion or a lower price for a direct reservation! 
Enough of worship and sacrifices to the new god. Ratings
We’ve had enough of OTA’s always taking the guest’s side in the case of conflict when WE are the ones who pay them. They should be on our side, shouldn't they?
We’ve had enough of Tripadvisor allowing anyone to post whatever and whenever they want - regardless if they’ve stayed at our hotel or hostel before. 
We’ve had enough of hearing hotelier friends complaining about these things but changing nothing. 
We, the accommodation providers, are probably the most important player in the travel industry and yet we have almost no power, not when facing our guests and certainly not when facing the OTA’s. Absurd don't you think?
We have decided to do something about it. 

We have created a platform that allows us to share information about our guests’ behaviors - positive AND negative. This platform will return us the power we lack when facing out guests. In the near future, we will also introduce solutions to help us return the power when facing the OTA’s 

We need a global solution - not just a small network of local accommodation providers. We need to be connected - so when a guest in Sao Paulo steals a towel, the hoteliers in Cancun know about his behavior before he checks in with them the next night. Our success depends on our collective strength, it depends on our taking care of each other. Together we are stronger! 

We invite you to be part of the biggest accommodation providers network in the Americas. And more importantly, we want to invite you to join the only site in the world that has our interests - the accommodation providers - as its only interest.  

 If you have any further questions, check our FAQS section or contact us page
Let's create together the world as we would like it to be. Problem-free.