Really, what is WhosYourGuest all about?
19/05/2019 08:05:00

WhosYourGuest is a global community for accommodation providers, created by hoteliers, using our collective power to resolve issues that affect us all.

The first issue we tackle is the total lack of information accommodation providers have on the type of guest they are about to receive. Guests have sites like TripAdvisor, reviews on Booking. com and Expedia etc. And you? What do you know about your guests?

WhosYourGuest platform allows accommodation providers to share information, identify and take preventive measures to minimize the impact of non-positive guests. This will not only help you reduce costs by preventing damages to your property and reputation but will also prevent bad reviews and make the stay of your other guests safer and more pleasant. Information can also be shared about positive guests, allowing establishments to reward them for their good behavior. It is a free service.
When receiving a reservation or during check-in, a quick search of our database will ensure that the guest you are about to receive does not have a history of being problematic. If they do, you can take preventive measures to make sure that the same behavior will not repeat in your establishment. Placing signs in your reception informing guests you are a member will also help deter those guests who may be unruly. 
Among the behaviors that can be documented are "Treat your property as their own home" or "Gave an extremely good and positive review" in the case of good guests. For negative guests, "Disrespect to staff or guests" or "Unfair or damaging review" and even a "No show" are among the many possible offenses.
By mutually backing each other, accommodation providers can severely reduce damages caused by those guests who take advantage of your courtesy and hospitality.

WhosYourGuest mission is to create a global community of accommodation providers that will address issues that can only be tackled if we all join forces together. Issues like the lack of information about gusts and the high commissions paid today to online travel agencies like Booking and Expedia are high on our priority list.


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