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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

WhosYourGuest is a global platform where accommodation providers can rate and share information on their guest behavior allowing them to have advance knowledge about the type of guests they are about to receive. As a result, ho(s)tels can “reward” the positive ones or take measures to protect themselves from the not so positive, improving the safety and stay quality of all other guests and creating a travel culture where the good is rewarded while the less good pay the consequences of their actions. By mutually backing each other, accommodation providers can severely reduce damages caused to reputation and facilities by those guests who take advantage of our courtesy and hospitality.

The benefits are huge:

  1. Registered establishments receive an email alert when a guest is reported in their country. Information is also available on the database to be consulted when receiving reservations or during guests' check-in.
  2. Reporting problematic guests. Some of the offenses that can be reported are leaving without paying, disrespecting staff, other guests or the rules of the establishment, Alleged theft, Threat with a bad review, Unfair or damaging review, reservation with invalid credit cards, smoking in the room and even No show.
  3. "Reporting" exceptionally good guests, The types who treat your establishment as if it were their own home or give a hand when you need. Establishments who want to give some "retribution" such as a good review, a discount, a free beer, early or late check im/out are more than welcome :-)
  4. Reporting is anonymous. Other businesses will receive details of the case but will not see the name of the reporting establishment
  5. It is totally free.
  6. Preventing problems before they occur. Once guests will know they can be reported they will think twice before creating problems.
  7. Free use of our Property Management System (PMS) that automatically shows you the guest rating on their account. The full version of the PMS is available for subscribed users.
  8. The possibility to rate all your guests at check out
  9. Belong to the biggest 
  10. Be part of the biggest knowledge database on the lodging industry in the world. You can join thousands of our members who share their knowledge and experience, helping each other solve everyday problems, giving advice or simply discussing industry issues on our members-only Facebook group, for owners and managers. 
  11. Can join our accommodation exchange program between members.

    All for one and one for all!

Signing up, searching and reporting and being part of the network is totally free. However, as the only platform in the world dedicated solely to issues important to accommodation providers, the only way we can finance our activities is by offering paid extra services to our members at symbolic costs. Once a member, you will have access to information about these services and their cost

It is!
Habeas Data laws and treatment of guests information vary from country to country, ranging from almost nonexistent to very strict limitations. Once you are part of the network, WhosYourGuest will provide all legal information and as well as some documents with recommendations of what you need to take into account and what measures to implement in order to work within the margins defined by law.

The database is operated and managed directly by WhosYourGuest. It is hosted on a secure server and has added security measures.

Requirements are: 

- Have an accommodation establishment legally registered in your country
- Be associated with said establishment as the manager or owner
- Fill out the registration form
Once we verify the information, you will receive access details to our platform

Now make a coffee and wait...:-). After a verification process, that takes no longer than 24h but usually much quicker, you will receive a confirmation email with your access details to the platform, where you can also find documentation and manuals of interest.

The username and password to access the platform are sent in the confirmation email of your registration to the platform. To enter the site, click on the "Go to site" button and fill in the required information.

No. For security and legal reasons, it is necessary that all reviews are made using the review form. Reviews sent by other means, like email or whatsapp,  will not be taken into account.

Members with a subscription can receive email alerts to an additional email address they can define in their dashboard under advanced settings.

No! Reviews are anonymous for the security and confidentiality of the reviewing establishment. Other members can only see the name of the city the incident happened in but not the name of the establishment or any other details that can identify the reviewing establishment. If anyone wants to talk to you regarding a review you made they can click on the "Contact reviewing establishment" button and their message and details will be sent you. The decision is to contact them or not is all yours. 

You can use the "contact" form on our internet site, click here, write us directly to contact@whosyourguest.com with any questions or doubts you might have or on Whatsapp +57312 3873505

  • The description of the case must be a narrative that explains only the type of offenses selected. It must be an objective writing, which means that it must describe only what happened, without adding personal opinions.
  • Sensitive information, such as beliefs, medical condition, sexual preferences or Particular behaviors are not allowed in the reviews
  • You must ensure that the information and details of the case are real, that the description is objective and ethical, that language used is not rude/vulgar/offensive and that it complies with all other recommendations of our reporting guide.
  • You must retain all relevant evidence ( invoices, videos, pictures, witnesses, etc.) that sustain your claims in the report
  • In severe cases where the law was broken (alleged theft, alleged assault, alleged vandalism, leave without pay), we recommend filing a claim with the local police and adding that claim number to your review.

The reporting process has a few layers that ensure the information on the reports is as accurate as possible:

  • The report form is simple and unambiguous and information requires is straightforward and with no space for personal opinions
  • A report can only be sent with manager or owner approval
  • All reports are reviewed and approved by our "authorization department" before made published
  • The reporting establishment is required to keep all evidence that can support their report (witnesses, security cameras etc)


Yes. When guests use the threat of a "bad review" to negotiate a discount or an upgrade they can be reviewed. There is a specific offense for this on the report form.

You can report this guest. There is a specific offense on the report form for unfair or damaging reviews. However, since almost all establishments will probably consider any negative review as unfair, in order to report such an offense a screenshot of the original guest review must be attached to the report.

Only accommodation providers who are registered members of the platform have access.

The time depends on the type of offense reported. It can vary from 1 to 4 years.