WhosYourGuest is much much more than a rating platform. It's a dream, a vision, a community. 

Where accommodation providers rate their guests

all for one and one for all

As a community, members can contact each other and share their experience and knowledge helping one another.

for hoteliers by hoteliers

As hoteliers ourselves we understand and live the same issues as you.

Hoteliers. Always. First

We will always think about you first. There are enough services out there who think only about the guest or themselves.​

be part of the change

Introducing guest ratings as a standard is a profound change and crises are the best time for that. The COVID-19 gave us this opportunity. NOW is the time and you are needed more than ever.

Direct Booking club

The ONLY real direct booking club. For hoteliers by hoteliers

  • Save on commissions to Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s)
  • Direct contact with guests. YOU decide your cancelation policy, payment terms, etc.
  • Personalized service. With reservation you receive guest profile & preferences
  • Guest discount level depend on their rating

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Our platform

Search guest history —–> Review guests behavior —–> Improve guest experience & prevent damages 

Our platform

Search guest history —–> Review guests behavior —–> Improve guest experience & prevent damages 
wyg platform

Property Management System (PMS)

Hotel Software to help you manage your establishment 

We are not a blacklist. First, because lists don’t have color and second because this is a review platform. For good and less good guests

Is it legal?

WhosYourGuest complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and receives the guests’ permission to have their personal data collected and shared when they sign the check-in form

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A plan for every need






users of other pms

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* To see prices of the plans you need to be a member. It’s not that we have anything to hide but simply because prices depend of information given in the registration form such as the type of establishment, size etc. One thing we do promise. You will be surprised how cheap it is! (compared to what PMS’s and the like charge)

Frequently asked questions

WhosYourGuest (WYG) is a free online platform where accommodation providers rate their guests and share information about their behavior.  This allows the ho(s)tels to offer a better stay experience to their guests while at the same time helping them save billions of dollars in prevented damages to facilities and reputation. It’s like Tripadvisor but in reverse.  WYG members have access to a database that allows them to search and verify the type of guest when reserving or checking in.

The benefits are huge:

  • Rate your guests when they leave so others will know what type of guests they are and can reward the good or take measures to prevent bad behavior from happening in their establishment
  • Increase the safety and quality of stay of all your other guests
  • Increase profit by saving on damages caused by bad guests
  • Email alerts for new cases happening in your country
  • Deterrence. Knowing they are rated incentivizes guests for better behavior and prevents bad behavior from happening in the first place
  • Free use of our Property management System (Hotel Software – PMS)  that automatically checks the guests’ rating and displays it in their account.
  • For hoteliers by hoteliers. We put you first. Always!
  • Join the biggest community of accommodation providers in the world and have access to our private Facebook group where members help each other and share their knowledge and experience.   
  • It is totally free. 

Joining and being part of the community is totally free. As a basic/free user, you receive 30 searches/month and can rate as many guests as you want. You can also use the basic version of our Property Management System (PMS or Hotel Software) for free.

Yes it is legal.
However, you will need to follow the guidelines and recommendations we provide our members mainly adding a clause to the check-in form the guest signs allowing you to collect, store and share their information and information about their stay with trusted 3rd parties like WhosYourGuest and its members. 

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