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4 reasons


Cheapest prices guaranteed! 

Be good, Pay less. Your discounts depend on your rating


Book direct with the hotel. No intermediaries

Book direct with the hotel. No intermediaries

Cheapest prices​


Everyone says the same, but we can guarantee. How? The hotels are our partners. Discounts are given directly by the hotel and are from the lowest published price that you can find

How does it


  • Register and imediately recieve benefits like early check-in, free breakfast etc, 
  • Start receiving discounts (5%) once you reach 2 reservations/ratings. 
  • Reserving, high ratings and recommending will credited you with higher discounts 

Already know your next destination?

Be good

Pay less

Your discount level only depends on you and includes a few factors like how good are you as a guest, how many reservations you made and how many friends recommended. You can accumulate up to 10% discounts independently and some hotels can add up to 10% more if you are really a good guest

The importance of

Booking directly

On the hotels, economy, employment etc

Book direct with the hotel.

No intermediaries

 Totally transparent. No scare tactics like “Last room left” or “prices are about to go up in your destination”. Reserve directly whenever you feel you are ready to reserve.


loyalty points

Every time you stay in a member hotel or for every friend you recommend you earn loyalty points that can be later exchanged for benefits like early check-in, late check-out, free breakfast and every free night stay (loyalty program coming soon)

"Once a year go somewhere you have never been before" (Dalai lama)